Well folks, it is time. Time for me to stop messing around with this writing thing and attempt to make some money with it. I have been writing this blog for over twelve years. During that time I have learned a lot and I think I have become a better writer.

Writing has helped me through some tough times recently and has helped me share my experiences with people all over the world. I really have enjoyed blogging and I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading it. To everyone that has commented on posts, Thanks. Here is the top 5 blog posts of mine since I started using google analytics in 2005:

  1. Cat Window Seat
  2. Five Places to Visit in Southern Colorado
  3. Killer Whales don’t Kill People
  4. Four Best Ways to Die While SCUBA Diving
  5. Therapy

I am at the point now where I am experimenting with fiction. It is a lot of fun to make up stories. The problem is that I only have so much time in my day for writing and I, like most people, enjoy doing what is easy. For me writing a 500 word blog is quick, easy and fun. But writing a blog doesn’t move a story forward. Those 500 words could be really handy to have in the more difficult fiction world. So I am going to stop blogging for a while.

My goal is to write some short stories and attempt to get them published the traditional way. This means finishing them, polishing them and sending them off. I need to learn how to write a query letter and all that jazz. I will probably receive rejections a plenty. But that is the game.

Eventually I would like to write a novel. Something that is either published traditionally or something that I feel is strong enough to publish digitally. I will still be posting on twitter so you can follow me there if you would like.

Wish me luck.

Fear, Failure and Fun

I wrote a book.

It started out as a blog post. 1000 words about dealing with fear and failure using fun. I shared it with Harper and he encouraged me to write an e-book. So I did.

Since I have a full time job I wrote a lot of the book in short spurts. When I was on a computer I used draft. Draft is a great online word processor made only for writing. It is fantastic. I recommend it to anyone who needs an online writing solution.

Unfortunately I don’t spend that much time in front of a computer. I spend most of my time in a car waiting for people to show up for appointments. I needed a way to write in my car. A laptop would have been ideal. I have a mac mini at home and that is not super portable. Sarah has a laptop but I didn’t want to steal it from her.

I do have an iPad though. After much researching I found a nice keyboard that converts the iPad into a basic laptop. I wrote 3/4 of this book on that. I was quite happy with the way it all worked together. I would write in pages on the ipad, save to iCloud and then copy paste into Draft. That allowed me to use Drafts built in editors to help me write better.

The other tool I found useful was Hemingway. This app is great because it helps you simplify your writing in a non-destructive way. It highlights sections that are troublesome and then unhighlights them once you fix them. Really helps getting rid of passive voice in writing.

With all of these tools I was able to get the book finished. Harper helped me with getting it all set up with Amazon. It has been live for just over a month. Feel free to check it out: The Three Fs: Using fun to overcome fear and failure.


Yesterday I was attacked. Physically attacked. I am not going to go into the details of that as the investigation is ongoing. What I want to delve into is the feelings I am currently experiencing.

Aside from being pissed off, I am shocked. In my world, my nice little naive world, people don't attack people. I know this is not true, because I have the internet and I read about the horrible things people do to other people, but in my world this is not something that happens. I live in a comfortable world where everyone talks about problems and we find solutions. People don't just attack other people.

I am hurting, both physically and mentally. My body is bruised, and I am still finding new marks left by my attacker. It is sad that he is now my attacker. Not anyone elses, mine. Mentally I think I have some weird shit going on. I am a victim.

I am not worried about this happening again. I will be going through life knowing this can happen. Because it already happened. Maybe this is a good thing. And maybe, since I like to think I am adaptable, I will be able to turn this experience into a positive one.

How does one move past this feeling? I am a forgiving person and yet this feels like something that I can never look past. Luckily it wasn't someone close to me, basically a stranger, but I feel anger in my heart that I can't let go. I don't understand the why of the situation. Why couldn't we just talk? Why did you have to make it physical?

I wish I was a comic book character so I could become a superhero and fight away all the injustice in the world. I would like to think that this experience will make me more aware of this possibility without it affecting how I work with people.

This event has shown me, at a very personal level, that our actions directly affect those around us. By attacking me this person has created a ripple through my life, changing me in ways that I don't understand. I am sure that this action has affected his life in ways I will never know.

How do I punch through? My current solution is to watch all of the hobbit movies released so far(already done), followed by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I will also be eating desserts in a more abnormal quantity. I know I need to talk to someone but it is really hard to do. I almost feel ashamed of what happened. I think my brain would have an easier time if I just accepted that somehow it was my fault that I was attacked. But I won't think that. I won't accept that.

I realize that I am lucky. The attack could have been so much worse. I could have more than a strained shoulder and bruises. I think that I am glad that it was me that was attacked instead of other people. I would rather experience this pain than inflict it on other people.

I have always said that I am a pacifist. And this attack showed me how true that is. I did not react with violence. I just walked away and called the police. How other people can fall back to violence as a means of communication is beyond me.

Everybody that reads this: please keep peace with you, don't use violence to solve your problems.


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